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[Quality Content, Unlimited on YOUKU]
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Sep 18, 2023
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[Quality Content, Unlimited on YOUKU]
"Love Forever Young" tells the story of a wuxia couple who fall in love despite being from rival families, with their hearts unable to resist the signals of attraction amidst the sect's prohibitions.
"Dunk of China" Season 5 makes a grand return! Sun Yue, Chun Wu, Jam Hsiao, and Yang Ming join the new season, bringing together players from the four major regions of the East, South, West, and North. Only with dunks can we have a perfect summer!
"Tales Of Dark River" The Blood of Youth triggers the battle in the shadowy world!
"The Princess and the Werewolf" features Betty Wu and Chen Zheyuan falling in love after getting married.
"Be Your Own Light" portrays female empowerment and growth, starring Tamia Liu and Amanda Qin, while Liu Yuning performs a dramatic reversal from debt collection to pursuing love!
The program "Friends Together" invites five groups of friends who have genuine friendships to go on a three-day, two-night camping trip as "real friends". This live-action show showcases five different and authentic friendship models through their distinct camping experiences.
Devoting a lifetime of tenderness to protect one person's peace and happiness. The Legend of Anle is airing only on YOUKU from 12th July.
"The Outsider" is a story about a company employee Su Mo, played by Zhang Yuqi, and the CEO Wang Ju'an, played by Gao Weiguang. They fall in love after getting to know each other and work together to face the challenges of the business.
The unruly teacher played by Guo Jingfei meets the "hard-to-deal-with" students played by Ren Min and Wang Yuan. Watch as the "hopeless" teacher-student duo create wonders. Ray of Light, exclusive on YOUKU.
Coming for the acting training, what a great team we've made! When aspiring actors face the "cruel challenge" of choosing a partner, which team will be voted "The Best Screen Partners"? "Hit it off" will be exclusively broadcasted on YOUKU every Thursday from July 13th!
"E-POP UNITY" – Music without boundaries; A future with every possibility! This summer, let's groove to the electrifying beats with E-POP UNITY and have fun!
"Soul of Light" —— A legendary illegitimate son cultivates both martial arts and Taoism, and rises from adversity to become a saint!
Hidden Love premieres on YOUKU on 20th June! Zhao Lusi and Chen Zheyuan have a happy ending to their mutual affection. Enjoy this summer with Hidden Love.
The story begins this summer. When I Fly Towards You, a straightforward girl pursues the aloof yet the most handsome boy in the school. Their mutual love makes the journey so sweet. Premieres on YOUKU on 13th June!
Dominator of Martial Gods premieres on YOUKU on 14th June! A former martial god is reborn as a martial newbie. He defies destiny and never gives up, shocking all with his effort to change fate.
Twinkle Love S2 airs at noon every Wednesday. Let’s go to appreciate clouds and sea waves! Wipe off all the youthful regrets with friends and harvest the sincerest friendship and love. To mark the perfect end to university life.
The Demon Hunter. A young man’s demon-hunting journey begins now!

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